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BREAKING: Coup in Turkey– F-16 Buzz Istanbul, Airports are Closed

An F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft from the Turkish air force rests in the night at Mwaffaq Salti Air Base, Jordan, May 23, 2007. F-16s from four countries are in Jordan this week to compete in the Falcon Air Meet (FAM), which is an annual training opportunity hosted in Jordan for pilots from each country to fly and operate together. Participating in the 2007 FAM are air forces from Jordan, Turkey, Belgium, and the United States. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Wolfram M. Stumpf) (Released)

The Turkish Military takes control of the government.

In a surprise move, the Turkish Military staged a coup on the Erdogan government this evening. In a matter of hours, troops and tanks blocked bridges and took control of state media. Social media sites were blocked. This coup was executed while President Erdogan is vacationing in Marmaris, near Bodrum. He has denounced the coup attempt and is calling for the Turkish people to occupy public buildings and spaces. Martial law has been implemented by a group referring to themselves as the Turkish Peace Council. The Council has declared the purpose of the coup is to pursue democratic ways and increase human rights in the country.

Additionally, news reports and the State department have reported that Istanbul’s Ataturk’s airport is closed.  A quick look at ADS-B data shows that flights are arriving into Turkey but does not show any departures.

As a member of NATO, it will certainly be interesting to see how America reacts as they launch strikes on ISIS from bases in southern Turkey. American forces must decide to withdraw from these bases or rule that the coup does not pose a threat to US interests and policy and continue to launch strikes on ISIS from Turkish bases.

Below is a Tweet showing an extremely low flying Turkish F-16 over Istanbul.

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