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BREAKING: A-26 Warbird Suffers Gear Collapse, Damage at Oshkosh

A Douglas A-26 Invader made an emergency landing today at Oshkosh, WI during the annual EAA Fly-In.  The aircraft in today’s incident is registered as N99420 and was nicknamed the “Silver Dragon”.  According to AirshowStuff, the crew “had already executed a go around after hearing a pop while cycling the gear, and orbited to troubleshoot the problem. Eventually the decision was made to land on runway 36.”  Upon landing, the nose gear collapsed and the warbird skidded to a stop.  No one was injured in the landing.

The A-26 Invader first flew back in 1942.  The type flew missions in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam before being retired in 1969.

Special thanks to AirshowStuff for the video.


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Written by Avgeekery

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