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Boeing’s T-X Takes Flight For The First Time

In less than 36 months, the supersonic trainer jet has transformed from idea to production version of jet.

On December 20th, the Boeing T-X supersonic trainer took to the skies for the first time.  The jet took off from St. Louis International Airport for a 45 minutes inaugural flight.

The twin tailed, single-engine jet is designed to replace the T-38 Talon for advanced fighter training as part of the SUPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) program.  The jet is designed to make it simpler for pilots to transition from training to 5th generation fighters.

Steve Schmidt was the test pilot for the first flight.  In a Boeing press release, he said, “The cockpit is intuitive, spacious and adjustable, so everything is within easy reach.”

The competition for the T-X trainer is crowded.  At least 5 companies are in the running to replace the T-38 jet.  The first jet is expected to replace the T-38 in 2024.

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