Boeing’s New 737 MAX Slices Through The Sky Like a Fighter Jet

“Flown by Boeing test pilots. Do not attempt.”  Pretty sure you can’t even buy a MAX yet!

Last month, the Boeing 737 MAX made its airshow debut at Farnborough.  The international airshow is known for featuring aerial demonstrations that wow the crowds.  While everyone knew that the 737 MAX would fly, they didn’t expect such an amazing demo by a plane that’s still being tested prior to its expected first delivery next year.

The MAX is a newest version of the venerable Boeing 737 fleet.  Launched in December of 2011, the aircraft mates the Boeing 737NG fuselage and wings with new engines, advanced winglets, a new APU, fly-by-wire spoilers, lengthened landing gear, and some minor aerodynamic improvements.

This is Boeings 4th major revision of the Boeing 737 aircraft. The first Boeing 737 flight was launched in April of 1967. Since then, the 737 has developed 10 distinct versions of the jet across four generations, which hold anywhere from 85 to 215 passengers.

The 737 is the company’s only narrow body airliner currently in production. The 737 series is the top selling commercial airliner in the world.  In promotional materials, Boeing has stated that there are 1,250 Boeing 737s airborne at any given time, with two of them taking off or landing somewhere every five seconds. As of 2015, Boeing was producing as many as forty-two 737s every month. The Boeing 737 has been continuously manufactured by Boeing, with more than 9,000 aircraft already delivered, and more than 4,000 on back order as of June, 2016.


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Written by Avgeekery

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