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Boeing Reaches Another Milestone Today with the Roll-Out of the First 737 MAX 7

Photo: Boeing

Today, February 5, Boeing reaches a milestone with the official roll-out of the 737 MAX 7. The 737 MAX series of planes are the fasting selling in Boeing’s history. The company has received over 4,300 orders from 92 customers around the globe thus far.

The 737 MAX 7 is the smallest of the three aircraft in the 737 MAX family. Technology enhancements allow it to fly 1,000 nm farther than the 737-700 that preceded it. The brand-new plane operates to a range of 3,850 nm, the longest range in the MAX aircraft group. It can carry between 138 and 172 passengers and has 18% lower fuel costs than the 737-700.

When compared to its competitor, the A319neo, the 737 MAX 7 can fly 400 nm farther on 7% lower operating costs per seat and carry a dozen more passengers.

Keith Leverkuhn, Vice President and General Manager of the MAX program, says the 737 MAX 7 opens up new destinations in the single-aisle market, “For our airline customers serving airports at high altitudes or remote locations, the MAX 7 is the ideal complement to their fleet. We look forward to demonstrating the incredible flexibility and range of this airplane.”

737 MAX 7 Reveal – February 5, 2018
Photo: Boeing

Thousands of employees celebrated the 737 MAX 7 debut today at Boeing’s Renton, Washington factory. The plane is scheduled to undergo its first runs and system checks, as the first of the two 737 MAX 7s begin their flight tests in the upcoming weeks.

Southwest Airlines will launch the 737 MAX 7 and expects to enter it into service in 2019. Boeing has already sold 25 more to WestJet, the company that also took an order of 40 737 MAX 8s back in 2013.

The 737 MAX 8 made its debut last year. Next up? Boeing says the 737 MAX 9 is on schedule to begin deliveries in the next few months. The 737 MAX 10 made its first appearance at the Paris Air Show last year. It is expected to enter service sometime in 2020.

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