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Boeing 727 Freighter Lands Safely in Guam Without Nose Gear

Screenshot of video posted to KUAM news. Shared from FB page with credit.

A venerable 727 cargo jet made a safe landing without a nose gear.  Video is below.

Asia Pacific Airlines operates a fleet of 3 727-200 cargo aircraft. (Screenshot from website at
Asia Pacific Airlines operates a fleet of 3 727-200 cargo aircraft. (Screenshot from website at

If you follow our site closely, you know that we at Avgeekery have a soft spot in our heart for the Boeing 727. There are very few flying examples left. By now, most airlines and major cargo operators have retired them. There are a few operating for smaller outfits around the world though. One of the remaining operators is Asia Pacific Airlines who operates a 727-200 with winglets.

On Feb 26, tail number N86425, a 37+ year old Boeing 727 arrived at Guam International Airport and realized that its nose gear would not extend. After completing a touch and go maneuver (apparently in an attempt to jiggle the nose gear free), the aircraft made a second landing attempt and completed textbook emergency landing. Despite gusty winds, the pilot held the nose off the ground for as long as possible while still ensuring he had elevator effectiveness to slowly and gently lower the nose. No word on damage yet.

Video was posted by KUAM news on Feb 26 (local).

Startling video of the Asia Pacific Airlines cargo plane making an emergency landing at the Guam International Airport, after it’s nose wheel failed to come down.

Posted by KUAM News on Thursday, February 25, 2016


Written by Avgeekery

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