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Blue Angels Buzz Downtown Chicago Building–It Was Epic!

I don’t know about you.  I usually hate the word epic.  Some people apply the word to things that aren’t truly epic.  “Epic bagel, bro.”  Probably not.  But there was one thing that was truly epic–The Blue Angels performance at the Chicago Air And Sea Show.

The Blue Angels, known for their tight formation flying and sneak pass sure know how to put on a great show. One of the most impressive sights is how they fly low and fast near the downtown buildings.  In one of their formation passes, 4 F/A-18s passed BELOW the rooftop of the building.  The HD camera footage is incredible.  It’s only an 8 second clip, but I can guarantee that you’ll watch it more than once.  Special thanks to our friends at for the footage.

The Blue Angels team, based in Pensacola, still have a number of performances remaining in the season.  The 2017 season concludes on the weekend of November 11-12th with an airshow at their home station in Pensacola.

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Written by Avgeekery

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