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B-52 Annihilates Taliban Weapons Factory. You Gotta See This Explosion!

Image capture: USAF

The United States Air Force isn’t messing around lately in Afghanistan. They are on a roll! Over the past week, deployed crews in Afghanistan launched F-22 strikes against Taliban drug facilities. This is was first such coordinated strike against drug making facilities. These facilities produce most of Afghanistan’s drugs that are exported. The profits from these drugs line the Taliban’s pockets.

Official US Air Force Photograph

Then today, the Air Force posted footage of the mighty B-52 BUFF obliterating a Taliban bomb making facility in Afghanistan. According to Airman magazine,

A USAF B-52 bomber recently struck a Taliban homemade explosives production facility in Helmand province. The large secondary explosion visible in the video is evidence the facility was storing a significant amount of explosives.

That’s air power!

About the B-52 BUFF

The Boeing B-52 is the Air Force’s oldest active bomber.  The B-52 is expected to serve until the 2040s.  With potential service life extensions, including possible re-engining of the fleet, the jet might even be the first actively flying jet that approaches 100 years of service.

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