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    Pilots Do It Better: Flying Scarfs Project Eager To Take Next Step In Humanitarian Mission

      Second of two parts; an exclusive on Flying Scarfs which is on a “mission is to help bring people in under-developed countries out of poverty through economic opportunity.” Flying Scarfs was conceived by a group of Air Force pilots while they were posted to duty in Afghanistan. They observed how women, and in […] More

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    How A Group Of Air Force Pilots Are Helping Women Fighting For Equality

    First of two parts; an exclusive on Flying Scarfs which is on a “mission is to help bring people in under-developed countries out of poverty through economic opportunity.” Regardless of your political, ethical or moral beliefs regarding the U.S. military’s involvement in the Middle East over the last 13 years, you must admit that […] More

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    The Longest Flight With No Alternate Airports Requires Perfect Fuel Calculations

    Making sure the fuel supplies are more than adequate is crucial when flying the longest route in the world with no alternate landing site. Say you’re driving on an Interstate, probably somewhere in the Western United States where there are long stretches of highway and nothing else. You notice the fuel warning light come on […] More

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    What Are Pilots Looking at in their HUD? Watch this…

    This won’t be on the test … but you can tutor yourself on what it’s like sit in the pilot’s seat and use the heads up display in the modern 737-800. We’ve written about HUD or heads up display technology and how that helps pilots – particularly in military aircraft – with information that is […] More

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    This Radio-Controlled “Model” C-17 Globemaster Is Huuuuuuge

    It’s not 1/1 scale, but this radio-controlled “model” aircraft is large enough to require a loadmaster and ground crew. Those of us who glued together model aircraft growing up were probably working on a 1/200 or 1/72 scale. And radio controlled planes are smaller replicas of the real-life aircraft, scaled down so that they can fit […] More

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    This Crazy Looking Engine was Ultra Efficient But Was Never Adopted. What Happened?

    The UnDucted Fan developed by General Electric should have been more than a great trivia question. (Welcome to Avgeekery Jeopardy.) “Alex, I’ll take Dismissed Aircraft Technology for one hundred.” Answer: “This fuel-efficient engine type was developed for the proposed Boeing 7J7.” “What is the UnDucted Fan?” Correct. In 1985 at the Paris Airshow Boeing was […] More

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    The Black Widow Was Probably The Better Jet, Why Didn’t It Win?

    If the YF-23 Black Widow II was the superior prototype, did Northrup and McDonnell Douglas get robbed in the selection process? The mission was to make the world’s fastest, smartest fighter plane and also make it invisible via stealth technology. All that makes it sound like the YF-23 woulda shoulda coulda become the world’s most […] More

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    Boeing’s X-32 Was The Ugly Duckling In JSF Competition

    A question with no answer: Would Boeing’s X-32 have been the better choice for the Joint Strike Fighter program? As the Joint Strike Fighter concept developed over a decade ago, Lockheed and Boeing each developed their own prototype. Lockheed’s X-35 won the competition but the Lightning has faced and continues to face technical issues that […] More

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