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    New Video Shows F-15s Intercepting Russian Fighters Near The Baltics

    U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa this week released new video of two occasions in November and December 2017 where U.S. Air Force F-15s from RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom, were called to intercept Russian fighters near the Baltics. Both intercepts were initiated because Russian Navy Su-30 Flankers “did not broadcast the appropriate codes required by […] More

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    Relive The First Ever Flight of the F-15 and Hear from the Pilot Who Flew It

    On July 27, 1972, under the control of McDonnell Douglas chief test pilot Irving L. Burrows, the F-15 Eagle first took to the skies over Edwards AFB, CA. Burrows took the Air Force’s new twin-engine dedicated air superiority fighter on a 50 minute cruise, which topped out at 12,000 feet and 250 knots, before returning to base. The […] More

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    Valions Tribute: Tac Demo Gladiators Honor VFA-15 with Retro F-18

    The 2017 airshow season is almost a wrap across the United States, and one of the crowd favorites, the NAVY Tac Demo “GLADIATORS” from VFA-106, paid tribute to the storied career and rich heritage of VFA–15, the “VALIONS”, by flying a specially painted F-18 legacy Hornet at select show sites to honor the squadron’s retirement. […] More

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    TWA Lives! Quite A Few TWA Planes Still Exist

    For over seven decades TWA was a household name, but poor management beginning in the 1980s, multiple bankruptcies in the 90s and the tragic loss of Flight 800 and its 230 people onboard in 1996, all contributed to the eventual demise of the company in 2001. It was sold to American Airlines (AA), and over […] More

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    Georgia Man Angry Over Missing Air Show Opens Fire Into Traffic

    In a bizarre story out of Rome, GA, a 73 year old man was arrested this past weekend after opening fire into traffic after being angry that he missed the Wings Over North Georgia Air Show. In a story first reported by the local Rome News-Tribune, Jerome Benesh was jailed in Floyd County on two counts of […] More

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    Watch Gary Sinise Fly a Growler to Visit the USS Theodore Roosevelt

    “One of the coolest experiences ever.” That’s how actor Gary Sinise, one of the biggest advocates of America’s servicemen and women, described his ride in an E/A-18G Growler earlier this year, which took him from MCAS Miramar to the deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, somewhere off the coast of CA. Sinise may be most famous for […] More

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    F-18s Help Develop Flight Control System for New Deep Space Rocket

    For the last several years work has been underway to develop NASA’s replacement launch vehicle for the agency’s retired space shuttle fleet, the Space Launch System (SLS for short). The mammoth rocket will be the most powerful and capable heavy-lift launch vehicle ever designed, and NASA F/A-18 Hornet research jets have played a critical role […] More

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