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    The Crash Pad Life: Not Everything About Flying Is Glamorous

    Its a love, hate relationship. Everybody needs a place to crash, even pilots. It’s a terrible pun but the crashpadding lifestyle has removed much of the glamour that used to surround the flying profession. Most pilots I discuss the subject of crash pads with behind the flight deck door view them as a necessary evil. […] More

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    A Rocket Launch So Amazing That It Caused A Three-Car Pileup On The Highway

    Woops! Some sky gawkers were so captivated by the launch that they forgot to pay to their driving… The rocket and its smoke contrail drew the eyes and imaginations of millions upward into the twilight skies.  Millions of people stopped what they were doing for a few moments to look up into the sky.  Holiday […] More

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    The C-130 Hercules: Every Generation Gives Thanks For This Amazing Aircraft

    The C-130 Hercules has been called the, “most remarkable plane ever produced.” And as a testament to its timelessness and unparalleled capabilities the C-130 is still in production 72 years later.  For generations now from Vietnam to Iraq, Hercules aircraft have proven to be the critical link in delivering troops and equipment right into the […] More

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    Air Attack Fleet And Pilots Made A Big Difference In CA Wildfires

    Air attack pilots deployed to support firefighting operations in Napa and Sonoma counties. They have employed a variety of equipment necessary to fight these massive fires that have killed over 40 people. We take a look at the planes and the requirements to fly these demanding missions. You Can’t Drop If You Can’t See The […] More

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    Record Breaking Aviators Fly Their Glider into the Stratosphere

    “10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters, SCORE!” Perlan II pilot Jim Payne keyed his mic to countdown as Perlan II reaced to new heights in the aviation record books. On September 3rd two aviators Jim Payne and Morgan Sandercock achieved an altitude of 54,000 feet pressure altitude and 52,172 feet GPS altitude in a glider, […] More

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    Virgin America Celebrates 10 years of Hipster Flying Before The Airline Fades To History

    Virgin America is celebrating 10 years of bringing a rockin vibe to flying!  On August 8th, 2007 the airline flew its first flight between San Francisco International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. Teammate Chris Garlington, a Guest Services team member in LAX, created this tribute video to celebrate the occasion. It’s pretty impressive! Chris […] More

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    Retirement In Sight For Virgin America–And That Is Ok

    An Avgeek recounts Virgin America’s professionalism on the day Alaska announced that the brand will be retired. On 21 March I had the pleasure of flying on the red tail of a Virgin America Airbus 320. It was this avgeeks dream come true. With their mood lit cabins, leather seats with large screens that boast a […] More

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    Starliner 75 Is One Strikingly Beautiful Jet

    If you’re holding short in Seattle or flying through the Pacific Northwest or Alaska then you may see this Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800. It has even been spotted as far south as Hawaii. “Starliner 75” was unveiled in 2007 to celebrate Alaska Airlines’ 75th anniversary. It’s vintage paint job is from the 1940’s and the […] More

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    We Already Know Pilots Are Rockstars But Did You Know There Are A Few Pilot Rockstars?

    Rockstar. Captain of the industry, and Pilot:  What do these three roles have in common?  In this case, they are the same man.  Bruce Dickinson is the lead vocalist for the metal band Iron Maiden, chairman of an international aviation development firm, and an airline pilot with experience ranging from single engine to the biggest […] More

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    Holiday Delivery: The Time We Delivered The Christmas Turkey To Turkey

    Troops don’t magically get food delivered to their bases.  It was done by crew dogs like us! One of the missions my unit was regularly assigned to was to provide ration supply operations for United Air Forces Europe’s bases.  Families and service members stationed overseas depend on the base commissary system to provide the traditional […] More

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    The Challenge of Flying Below Sea Level

    We launched as a two-ship formation of C-130Js, taking off into the night well after the darkness had fallen. Maintaining an altitude of 500 feet above the desert terrain we continuously updated our position to remain clear of Egyptian airspace and the Jordanian buffer region. Our aircraft dusted off the sand dunes in the lower […] More

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