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    That Time a Boeing 717 Went Inverted During Testing

    Yes, this is a real video! During stall testing of the 717 program (formerly the MD-95), the aircraft departed controlled flight.  That’s a nice way to say that the jet stalled, rolled, and went inverted. The test pilots on board masterfully recovered the jet and survived to live another day.  Here’s the video proof: With […] More

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    Douglas AD-1 Skyraider “Bad News” Start-Up, Purrs, Then Zooms Past in 5.1 Surround Sound (4K)

    The AD-1 Skyraider was designed and manufactured by Douglas Aircraft Company in Southern California during the early 1940s. The Skyraider prototype first flight occurred on March 18, 1945. In 1946, the United State’s Navy, Marine Corp. and Air Force began receiving their first orders of the aircraft. Powering the AD-1 Skyraider was a single Wright […] More

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    B-52 Annihilates Taliban Weapons Factory. You Gotta See This Explosion!

    The United States Air Force isn’t messing around lately in Afghanistan. They are on a roll! Over the past week, deployed crews in Afghanistan launched F-22 strikes against Taliban drug facilities. This is was first such coordinated strike against drug making facilities. These facilities produce most of Afghanistan’s drugs that are exported. The profits from these drugs […] More

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    What A Magnificent Craft She Was: The Space Shuttle On Approach

    It’s hard to believe that we are approaching 7 years since America launched its own human-carrying craft into space.  The last Space Shuttle mission landed on July 21, 2011.  Since that date, Americans must rely on Russian Soyuz rockets to the International Space Station.  Getting there isn’t cheap. The Russians charge almost $60M per seat!  […] More

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    Back When The O-Club Was The Place For Fighter Pilots To Be

    Retired pilot Jay Laclan shares his reflection on a building that used to be the epicenter of pilot culture on Friday nights.  It was a place to drink, talk with your hands, grapple, and eat dinner with your spouse or chat with a few attractive ladies…sometimes all of the above.  Today, clubs are a mere […] More

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    What’s the Worst Regional Airliner?

    Alright avgeeks, let’s settle an age old debate.  One of our more popular articles we’ve posted compares the Bombardier CRJ-200 to Nickelback.  Many people agree with our assessment that the CRJ-200 is a very uncomfortable ride. We’ve had a number of people write us though to say that we’re just plane wrong.  They say that […] More

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    One Dead In Laughlin AFB T-38C Crash Near Del Rio, Texas

    UPDATED: Nove 21, 2017 10 PM CT: Laughlin Air Force Base cancelled all flying through the Thanksgiving holiday after yesterday’s crash that killed one pilot and injured another.  The name of the deceased has not been released yet pending next of kin notifications. Meanwhile, Laughlin AFB’s Wing Commander also released a heartfelt statement this evening […] More

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    Highlights From United’s Last Flight of the Boeing 747-400 to Hawaii

    We’ve posted quite a bit of coverage about United Airlines last 747-400 flight. For over 47 years, United has operated the Queen Of The Skies…the double-decker jet. United really rolled out the stops for passengers on the last flight.  It included a meal far better than typical chicken or beef.  United provided a champaign toast, […] More

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    Blast From The Past! World Airways Set To Return?

    When we first heard rumors, we thought it might be an April Fools joke.  But a quick check of the calendar proves that today is November 8th and April is way in the past.  This seems to be real news! A recently-formed company called 777 Partners acquired the intellectual property of World Airways Inc. The […] More

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    Battle of the Titans — Help Us Pick The Best Big Jet

    We love all aircraft.  But we especially love the BIG ones.  We’ve posted a number of stories on the Boeing 747, Douglas DC-10, Lockheed C-5, Boeing C-17, and Antonov jets. But we’ve always wondered, “what big jet is our reader’s favorite?”  With your help, we’ll determine the favored jet. Help us determine avgeek’s favorite big […] More

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    VIDEO: Saudi Arabia Intercepts Ballistic Missile Headed Toward International Airport

    Yemen’s Houthi rebels launched a missile aimed at Riyadh’s International Airport on Saturday.  Saudi defense forces intercepted the missiles.  The video below shows the launch of 4 interceptors followed by the explosion indicating a successful interception.  No injuries were reported.  There was no disruption to flights in and our of the capital airport. The missile […] More

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