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    WestJet’s Frozen-Themed Jet Almost Ended Up In The Drink–What Could Have Happened?

    Dangerously low in marginal weather, a Frozen-themed WestJet 737-800 was seconds away from disaster.  Fortunately, they broke the error chain.  Let’s talk about what could have happened. On March 7, 2017, WestJet flight 2652 from Toronto to Saint Maarten made some unexpected ‘waves’. The Boeing 737-800 with the famed Frozen livery was flying a non-precision […] More

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    Santa’s Getting a Checkride This Year

    “You better watch out.  You better not cry.” His experimental craft and isolated North Pole location won’t prevent Santa from getting a ramp check. Santa has a big job to do tonight.  He has to do what is seemingly impossible.  That is to deliver Christmas gifts to millions of toys to good little boys and […] More

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    The ‘G’ Stands For Glider Pilot… And For Guts

    Glider pilots are unknown heroes of World War II.  Their bravery is captured in the documentary “Silent Wings”. Back in the summer of 2000, I was a brand new sophomore (or three degree) at the Air Force Academy.  As a cadet, you get a three week summer break followed by 6 weeks of air force training […] More

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    Classic Aviation: Circling Approach in a DC-9 at Midway Airport

    Flying on a DC-9 used to be very common in the United States.  Delta, Northwest, Eastern, Midway, Continental, TWA, Hughes, US Air, Ozark, Midwest Express and many others had the workhorse in their fleet.  The planes were rugged, overbuilt and could take off on relatively short runways.  Over the past few years, almost all the […] More