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    Top 5 Things We Miss About The Way Flying Used To Be

    While there are plenty of things to still love about air travel, we all admit we’re not exactly living in the Golden Age of the airline industry. Yes, more people than ever are traveling, passport ownership has increased, and it’s getting cheaper to visit once-unaccessible destinations.  Still, air travel these days isn’t that much fun […] More

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    Spirit Airlines Might Have Become a Delta Feeder Airline If it Settled For a Merger With Comair

    Spirit Airlines Was Almost Swallowed By Comair Back In the ’90s. Now one of the most popular ultra-low cost carriers for domestic (and some international) travel, Spirit Airlines was once on the brink of becoming extinct.  It almost fell into the hands of the now-defunct commuter carrier Comair! So, how’d it all go down? Spirit […] More

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     Is There a Market for a Civilian C-130?

    The unmistakeable Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules has been a staple of western military forces as a cargo aircraft. A modern civilian version of the “J” model was first shown last spring, which caused some avgeeks and analysis to scratch their heads wondering “why?”. It appears that Lockheed Martin thinks that there is actually a market […] More

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    India Buys the Last Unsold Boeing C-17

    When you wanted more but settle for one. India showed interest in purchasing additional C-17 aircraft to compliment their 10 strong fleet of Globemaster IIIs.  Unfortunately, Boeing stopped producing the aircraft in 2015 so they had to settle for just one additional aircraft. The Indian Prime Minister met with President Trump in D.C. just recently to work […] More

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    Hipsters and Cubs Fans Rejoice! Low-Cost Carrier Norwegian Announces New Routes

    The Skytrax World’s Best Low-Cost Long-Haul Airline, Norwegian is celebrating its third year of long-haul flights from London Gatwick, at the same time that it takes its spot as the second-largest long-haul airline at the airport, with 13 direct such routes. So, starting in 2018, travelers from the United Kingdom and United States will have […] More

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    Five Ways To Tell the Boeing 737 MAX Apart From Older 737s

    With Boeing completing its first 737 MAX delivery in May, and major airlines like Southwest and Norwegian (no comment) are receiving their aircraft soon, the hype is building for the new MAX series. Boeing recently flew a very sporty Paris Air Show profile in the jet too.  A few avgeeks have recently asked us, “how can you spot […] More

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    The 10 Worst Special Airline Liveries of All Time

    Airlines love to unveil special liveries to promote everything from tourism to cartoon characters. Unfortunately, some of these um…unique designs are a little hard on the eyes. Check out these 10, that may just be more cringe-worthy than the rest. 10. Swiss’s New CS300 Swiss outfitted its brand-new Bombardier Series CS300 in a special livery […] More

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