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    The XB-70: The flight of this Valkyrie was Brief

    The XB-70 was the attempt at developing a supersonic, long-range bomber during the Cold War. It was not long after World War II that the United States not only had “the bomb” and had used it – twice – but faced a new enemy, the Soviet Union. A piston-powered aircraft like the B-29 was not […] More

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    Behind The Scenes Of A Long Gone Era: PanAm’s 707

    “Out on runway number nine, big 707 set to go” Pan American World Airways began regular Jet Clipper service on 26 October 1958 with the Boeing 707 Jet Clipper.  It was the beginning of a new age in travel – very bad news for passenger ships and trains. “Airbus” back then would have been an oxymoron. […] More

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    Madeira’s Funchal Airport: An Engineering Marvel And An Avgeek Favorite That Makes Pilots and Passengers Cringe

    It has been called the Kai Tak of European airports, after Hong Kong’s notorious airport, infamous for its own roof-top, cross-wind approaches to runway 13. The History Channel rated it as the 9th most extreme airport in the world. The website, Interesting Engineering rated it #2 in its ranking of the world’s most dangerous airports, more […] More

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    Failure To Launch: The Legacy of the McDonnell Douglas MD-12 Program

    Was the proposed MD-12 Jumbo way ahead of its time or just a ‘Hail Mary’ attempt to keep airlines interested in an ailing company? Avgeekery explores the ‘why’ behind the failed MD-12 program. McDonnell Douglas surprised the world in 1992 by unveiling a full double decker airliner program. Although certainly not as majestic as the […] More

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    Why Would Qatar Airways CEO Calmly Defend an Obvious Crew Error?

      Calm in the face of crisis is the pinnacle of aviation – remember Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, former fighter pilot calmly advising the controllers, “We can’t do it …We’re going to be in the Hudson”?  He exuded calm even with a dire aircraft emergency and saved the day with his aviation prowess. But surely there is a […] More