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    The Delta-Winged Deuce: Convair’s First Century Series Supersonic Fighter

    Convair’s F-102A Delta Dagger served with distinction as an Air Defense Command (ADC) interceptor with the United States Air Force (USAF) and with the Air National Guard (ANG) for twenty years. Commonly referred to as The Deuce, the F-102A was the first operational delta-winged supersonic jet interceptor to see service with the USAF and ADC. But […] More

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    The Vigilante: The Navy’s Mach 2 Brownie Camera Flew the Hairiest Missions

    Development of the North American A3J (after 1962 the A-5) Vigilante began in 1953 as a privately-funded program to build a carrier-based supersonic bomber capable of filling the nuclear strike role for the United States Navy (USN). North American called the program the North American General Purpose Attack Weapon (NAGPAW). After engineering tweaks were incorporated […] More

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    Eye of the Tigers: The Blue Angels Got the Most Out of Their Grumman Tigers

    When Grumman produced the film “The Navy’s Blue Angels” in cooperation with the US Navy precision flight demonstration team in 1966, the Blues were flying Grumman’s F11F-1 (later F-11A) Tiger jet fighter. The Tiger was not a long-serving frontline Navy jet though. Far from it. However, the Blue Angels flew them for ten show seasons- […] More

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    These Are The Military Helicopters And Airlifters Fighting California Wildfires

    We’ve seen some very impressive footage of ginormous 747 and DC-10 aerial firefighting aircraft dropping fire retardant in areas affected by the California wildfires. United States Navy (USN) Sikorsky MH-60S Knighthawk helicopters are also dropping water directly onto fires using 320 gallon buckets suspended from cargo hooks under the fuselage. Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron THREE (HSC-3) […] More

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    Meet The Snowbirds: Canada’s Aerial Ambassadors From the Great White North

    The Snowbirds (now officially known as 431 Air Demonstration Squadron) have been thrilling crowds at airshows and exhibitions since 1971. Although their squadron designation goes back to 431 (Iroquois) Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force, created under the control of RAF Bomber Command flying Wellington, Halifax, and Lancaster bombers during World War II, the Snowbirds were […] More

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    Modern Day Phantom: F-4 Phantoms Still Plying The Skies In 2017

    Sometimes you just get a hankering for some Phantom phootage. Since the phabulous phighter was retired by the United States there are precious phew outlets for that kind of jones. Thankphully the Nihon Koku Jietai or Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) still operates F-4EJ and RF-4EJ Phantom IIs from Hyakuri Air Base at Omitama, […] More

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    The Pegasus: The First Production KC-46A Tanker Has Flown

    At 1032 local time on Tuesday December 5th 2017, the first production-spec Boeing KC-46A Pegasus aerial refueling tanker took off from Paine Field at Boeing’s plant at Everett in Washington. The flight lasted some three hours and thirty minutes, during which the two Boeing test pilots and crew climbed to 39,000 feet and executed the […] More

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    The Brits Operated Fire-Breathing Phantom IIs From a Tiny Flight Deck

    The film “Hands to Flying Stations” was shot and produced during 1975 when the Royal Navy’ Fleet Air Arm (FAA) was still flying McDonnell Douglas FG.1 Phantom IIs from the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal (R09). The FG.1 variant was powered by Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan engines, which necessitated larger engine air intakes as well as […] More

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