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    This Is How The Bedevilers of VF-74 Became “First In Phantoms”

    When McDonnell produced the film “The Phantom Joins the Fleet” during 1962 their F4H-1 (later F-4B) Phantom II was a new product. Featuring Fighter Squadron SEVEN FOUR (VF-74) Bedevilers flying from the nearly-new aircraft carrier USS Forrestal (CVA-59) along with the rest of Carrier Air Wing EIGHT (CVW-8), the film takes a look back at […] More

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    When The Shadowhawks Zap A Radar Does It Make A Sound?

    The Shadowhawks of Carrier Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron ONE FOUR ONE (VAQ-141) participated in two Western Pacific patrols as part of Carrier Air Wing FIVE (CVW-5) embarked aboard the forward-deployed Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) during 2016. Now based at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Iwakuni near Hiroshima in Japan, the squadron called […] More

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    Relive and Enjoy the Blue Angels Years of Flying the Phabulous Phantom

    The United States Navy Precision Flight Demonstration Team, also known as the Blue Angels, flew the McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom II during performances for only five loud and fast show seasons between 1969 and 1974. In 1972 the Blues were awarded the Navy’s Meritorious Unit Commendation for the two-year period from March 1st 1970 to […] More

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    This Is How North American Developed The Ultra-Advanced Vigilante

    North American Aviation (NAA) produced the film “V for Vigilante” to promote their then-new A3J-1 (later A-5A) Vigilante. The Viggie would of course go on to an impressive career, especially as a Mach 2 reconnaissance platform flying some of the hairiest missions in Southeast Asia. But NAA didn’t yet know just what kind of monster […] More

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    The T-28 Trojan: North American Aviation’s Next and Last Great Prop-Driven Trainer

    When during late 1947 North American Aviation (NAA) began development what would eventually become the T-28 Trojan trainer, they could not possibly have known that their next trainer design would serve in multiple roles for more than 30 years with nearly 30 countries around the world. NAA’s previous trainer design, the hugely successful T-6 Texan, […] More

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    Rare Footage of mid-1960s Navy Med Cruise On USS Saratoga

    Some time ago we wrote a piece about a British film by the name of “Operation Saratoga” which was shot aboard the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CVA-60) during her Mediterranean Sea (Med) cruise that took place between November 28th 1964 and July 12th 1965. Carrier Air Wing THREE (CVW-3) was embarked aboard Super Sara for […] More

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    Watch This Award-Winning USAFE F-15 Eagle Squadron Hone Their Exceptional Skills

    The Raytheon Trophy is presented to the best fighter squadron in the United States Air Force (USAF). Up until 2014 competition for this highly coveted award was open to Air Superiority or “pure” fighter squadrons only. Since then USAF fighter squadrons of all kinds have been allowed to compete for the prize. The 493rd Fighter […] More

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    Watch This Downed Thud Flight Leader Get Rescued By The Jolly Green Giant

    The United States Air Force (USAF) produced the film “Faces of Rescue” in 1967 to portray the exploits of the USAF Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service. The Sikorsky HH-53C Jolly Green Giant crews are featured during their efforts to pull Republic F-105D Thunderchief pilot and Flight Lead Lieutenant James DeVoss from enemy-held jungle in North Vietnam. […] More

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    The Boeing YC-14: The Design That Was Too Advanced For Its Own Good

    Boeing’s YC-14 airlifter was built as the company’s entrant in the Force’s Advanced Medium Short Takeoff Landing [STOL] Transport (AMST) competition for the United States Air Force (USAF). The competition actually began in 1970 when the Air Force and key aerospace contractors began the Tactical Aircraft Investigation (TAI) to look at potential new airlifters. This […] More

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    The Delta-Winged Deuce: Convair’s First Century Series Supersonic Fighter

    Convair’s F-102A Delta Dagger served with distinction as an Air Defense Command (ADC) interceptor with the United States Air Force (USAF) and with the Air National Guard (ANG) for twenty years. Commonly referred to as The Deuce, the F-102A was the first operational delta-winged supersonic jet interceptor to see service with the USAF and ADC. But […] More

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