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    Apollo 8 Reminded Us About Our Shared Humanity On Christmas Eve 49 Years Ago

    1968 was a year of upheaval.  War, civil rights struggle, scandal, and tragedy.  Yet for one day, all of humanity seemed to come together to watch the first time that man had ever orbited around another heavenly body. Three astronauts, Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders, all floated in an Apollo command module (without the […] More

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    This Man’s Innovative Spirit Gave America Hope 75 Years Ago

    The situation in America was looking very bleak 75 years ago.  Germany’s war machine was running at full power in Europe.  To the West, Japan’s war machine was looking extremely daunting as well.  The devastating blow by the Japanese to the Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor meant that any American attack on Japan territory would […] More

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    Landing The Shuttle “Glider”Was Helped By Heads Up Display

    The HUD – Heads Up Display – provided crucial data to pilots when the Space Shuttle glided home for landings. The Space Shuttle was a combination space craft and glider. It was launched into space thanks to two solid rocket boosters plus an external fuel tank that helped fuel the Shuttle’s three main engines. Once […] More

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    Vodka or Crosswinds…You Decide.

    Uh…Crosswind controls? Never mind. Another notable IL-76 landing.   IL-76s fly to some tough places around the world.  They are commonly flown to international hotspots from Afghanistan to Africa.  There are also a number of photos showing the difficulty of landing the jet in crosswinds. In this video below, you’ll see the IL-76 land then […] More

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    The 727 Approached so Low that the Photographer Ducked

    That’s what I call low! There are a few videos of really low approaches to St, Maarten.  This one is one of my favorites.  There is nothing as sexy as the mighty 727 making a smoky approach to one of the most stories runways in all of aviation.  Those giant fowler flaps are in full […] More

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    The Queen of The Skies Lifts Off in All Her Majesty

    We all know that the glory days of the 747 are waning as Boeing 777s, 787’s and Airbus A350s and A380s continue to replace the Queen of the Skies on many trunk routes.  Yet there is something very magical about a giant 747 lifting off the ground. Would you stand at the end of this […] More

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    This B-1 Squadron Crushes ISIS and Looks Like Rockstars While Doing It

    One of the frequent complaints about our nation’s efforts against ISIS is that we are losing the media war.  ISIS frequently puts together slick videos of their disgusting actions.  They leverage social media to share their ideas worldwide. America counters with a paltry press release or still photo of an airman loading a bomb.  Messaging […] More

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    We’ve Seen Condensation Before, But Snow In The Cockpit?

      Baby, it’s cold outside!  Snow forms from the air conditioning vents in cockpit. With much of the US finally under the grasp of winter, it’s not surprising to see snow at airport tarmacs across the country.  However, it’s pretty rare to actually see it in the cockpit!  It appears that the moist conditioned air […] More

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    Who Knew They Could Even Fit That Many F-16s On a Runway?

      How do you evaluate your pilots, test the capabilities of your maintainers, and scare the crap out of your enemy all in one exercise? You conduct an elephant walk! An elephant walk is a mass launch exercise where a large group of aircraft launch at the same time.   Some pilots have joked that you’d […] More

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