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    Five Ways Boeing Could’ve Upgraded The 757, And How It Could Influence The 797

    Back in 2002, Boeing faced the daunting decision to close the Boeing 757 line down. At the time, the United States was feeling the full effects of the air traffic downturn after the September 11th attacks. Airlines weren’t buying new aircraft and smaller airlines like Midway Airlines, Vanguard, and National were failing. Major airlines were […] More

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    Six Lieutenants Graduate From F-35 Training To Become USAF’s Youngest Lightning II Wingmen

    …And they have the video to prove it! The 62d Fighter Squadron proudly graduated its first ever  F-35 B-Course this past Saturday 13 January 2018.  Class 17-BBL was the second ever F-35 B-Course and the first all lieutenant class, making them the Air Force’s youngest F-35 wingmen. The 62d FS has played important role throughout […] More

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    Dead body On Runway Makes For Rare Approaches At Honolulu International Airport

    It looked a little like the old KaiTak approach into Hong Kong yesterday at Honolulu International Airport. UPDATE  1/14/18 10:59 PM PT:  Officials are now saying that the body found on the runway was a stowaway.  We’ll share additional updates as we learn more. —————————————– This time of year, Kona winds (winds blowing from West […] More

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    Caution: This Heartbreaking Boeing 747 Video Is Painful To Watch

    We’ve posted a number of stories and videos about the Boeing 747. Just last year, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines retired their fleet of Boeing 747s. Boeing has also struggled to find new customers for its passenger version, all but ceding the large passenger market to the upcoming Boeing 777-9 and Airbus A350. Today […] More

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    OPINION: CFIs Deserve More

    Nothing gets me more annoyed than hearing people whine about the “CFI Shortage”. “I can’t find a flight instructor” seems to be the mantra of this generation of pilots. Now you may take offense to that if you are one of those students who “can’t find a CFI” to train you, but let me explain […] More

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    Meet The Airline Pilot That Creates Incredible Boneyard Art

    Avgeekery recently had the opportunity to chat with Lance from WyldeByrd Art. He is a pilot and artist who takes aircraft skins and turns them into beautiful pieces of art.  We’re excited to share his story.  And even more excited to announce that we are jointly hosting an Instagram contest to give away a Delta […] More

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    American Airlines Most Memorable Commercials Came After Tragedy

    Call us a sucker for sappy commercials, but even 16+ years later, these American commercials still hit you right in the feels. Less than five months after American acquired TWA, the 9-11 attacks shook the foundation of the airline industry.  American originally had high hopes for TWA. They planned to use St. Louis Lambert as […] More

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    That Time A Giant Storm Sucked Us Up Like A Vacuum Cleaner

    In the late summer of 1980, as a Shorts-330 copilot, I encountered the grim reaper again. I thought he might lay off me since I wasn’t in a combat aircraft, or in a combat zone, but here he was, empty eye sockets and all, watching over my shoulder. The final mission leg one night took […] More

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