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    Ice, Ice Baby! How Pilots Deal With The Wintry Mess

    This past week has seen a large part of the country dealing with wintry weather so it seemed like a good time to address icing. Airplanes and ice have always had an adversarial relationship. Ice can prevent airplanes from getting airborne and should they be airborne, ice will do its best to facilitate an airplane’s […] More

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    Top 5 Weirdest Emotional Support Animals That Could Be Flying Next to You

    Peacocks, Pigs and Kangaroos? Oh My! An “emotional support peacock” that was barred from a United flight made national headlines this week. A woman tried to board a flight from Newark to LA with the bird in tow. She even offered to buy her feathered friend his own ticket! But alas, Dexter (the peacock’s name) […] More

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    Dead body On Runway Makes For Rare Approaches At Honolulu International Airport

    It looked a little like the old KaiTak approach into Hong Kong yesterday at Honolulu International Airport. UPDATE  1/14/18 10:59 PM PT:  Officials are now saying that the body found on the runway was a stowaway.  We’ll share additional updates as we learn more. —————————————– This time of year, Kona winds (winds blowing from West […] More

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    Caution: This Heartbreaking Boeing 747 Video Is Painful To Watch

    We’ve posted a number of stories and videos about the Boeing 747. Just last year, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines retired their fleet of Boeing 747s. Boeing has also struggled to find new customers for its passenger version, all but ceding the large passenger market to the upcoming Boeing 777-9 and Airbus A350. Today […] More

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    OPINION: CFIs Deserve More

    Nothing gets me more annoyed than hearing people whine about the “CFI Shortage”. “I can’t find a flight instructor” seems to be the mantra of this generation of pilots. Now you may take offense to that if you are one of those students who “can’t find a CFI” to train you, but let me explain […] More

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    Meet The Airline Pilot That Creates Incredible Boneyard Art

    Avgeekery recently had the opportunity to chat with Lance from WyldeByrd Art. He is a pilot and artist who takes aircraft skins and turns them into beautiful pieces of art.  We’re excited to share his story.  And even more excited to announce that we are jointly hosting an Instagram contest to give away a Delta […] More

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