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    BREAKING: Lion Air Boeing 737-MAX8 Crashes On Departure

    A Boeing 737-MAX 8 operated by Lion Air has crashed. Flight JT 610 took off at 7:20am local time from Jakarta.  It was scheduled to arrive in Pangkal Pinang just an hour and twenty minutes later. The aircraft lost contact with controllers just 13 minutes after departure. FlightRadar shows that the aircraft last reported its position […] More

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    UPDATED: Alaska Airlines Q400 Turboprop Stolen, Crashes: Here’s The Latest…

    An Alaska Airlines Horizon Q400 (tail number N449QX) was stolen this evening from Seattle’s SEATAC International Airport by a 29 year-old individual named “Rich”. The aircraft departed SEATAC International and was spotted flying erratic maneuvers around the Seattle area. Two F-15s from the Oregon Air National Guard were directed to intercept the aircraft. In a […] More

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    Final Report On WestJet Late Go Around At St. Maarten Is Released

    Last year, we shared video and the details we knew about a WestJet Boeing 737-800 that appeared dangerously low over the bay of St. Maarten.  We knew that the aircraft appeared off course and dipped well below glide path.  Transportation Canada has now released the final report of the March 7, 2017 incident. In it, […] More

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    Del Rio, Home To One Of The Most Isolated Air Force Bases in The US, Is About To Get Commercial Jet Service

    Residents of Del Rio, Texas can finally rejoice. The home of Laughlin AFB, one of the four major Air Force undergraduate pilot training locations in the country, will finally get commercial air service again. With sunny weather and its isolated location, it’s an ideal place to train but oddly enough a terribly difficult place to […] More

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    Ice, Ice Baby! How Pilots Deal With The Wintry Mess

    This past week has seen a large part of the country dealing with wintry weather so it seemed like a good time to address icing. Airplanes and ice have always had an adversarial relationship. Ice can prevent airplanes from getting airborne and should they be airborne, ice will do its best to facilitate an airplane’s […] More

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    Top 5 Weirdest Emotional Support Animals That Could Be Flying Next to You

    Peacocks, Pigs and Kangaroos? Oh My! An “emotional support peacock” that was barred from a United flight made national headlines this week. A woman tried to board a flight from Newark to LA with the bird in tow. She even offered to buy her feathered friend his own ticket! But alas, Dexter (the peacock’s name) […] More

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