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The Antonov An-225 Mriya Is Huuugge!

That cargo plane…can actually FLY??!?

Photo by Alex Beltyukov

Is bigger better? In the case of the Antonov 225 heavy cargo jet, I think it is!  After all, 6 soul-shaking jet engines screaming at full power is always a rush. Video is the taxi (back-taxi on Rwy 16 at ZRH) and takeoff of a flight from Zurich, Switzerland. The plane is an An-225 Mriya (In Ukrainian, mriya means dream, or inspiration). The An-225 Mriya is the only one of its kind ever built. A second frame was partially built, but production was halted due to lack of funding. An agreement between China and Ukraine was signed last month to explore China producing additional copies in the future.

About the An-225

The An-225 is a strategic airlift cargo plane, designed in the Soviet Union in the 1980s. It was originally intended for transporting the Buran space shuttle for the Soviet Space Program, which is why the plane loads cargo through its nose. The pressurized cargo hold is 46,000 cubic feet in volume. After its military missions were completed, the An-225 was put on hold for about eight years, then it was reintroduced as a plane that could carry oversized cargo loads. 

The An-225 is the longest and heaviest plane ever built, and powered by six turbofan engines. Its landing gear system has 32 wheels, and the plane is equipped with a twin tail design. It also has the largest wing span of any plane in operational service

Cover photo by: Alex Beltyukov

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Written by Avgeekery

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