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An Interview With The Blue Angels and The Professionals Who Support Them

From our friends at Unique Photo and Video:

I had the opportunity to interview Lt. Lance Benson of the U.S Navy Blue Angels at Thunder Over Michigan 2017. Members of the media took turns asking questions. Below are the paraphrased questions we asked during the interview.

Interview Lt. Lance Benson U.S Navy Blue Angels #4

0:04 Introduction

0:44 How did you become a Naval Aviator?

1:06 Did you participate in ROTC? When did you join the U.S Navy?

1:17 How do you balance work and family?

2:00 Has your family had the opportunity to watch the Blue Angels perform at different Airshows around the country?

2:13 Who inspired you to become an Aviator?

Interview David McMillan U.S Navy Blue Angels AM2 Aviation and Structural Mechanic

2:40 Introduction, Follow-up question: How did you become involved with the Blue Angels?

3:12 Describe your role with the Blue Angels?

3:20 Can you describe the training required to service aircraft?

3:30 What was the most difficult part about training?

3:42 Describe your favorite part of being a member of the Blue Angels.

3:53 Throughout your travels with the Blue Angels do you have a favorite location (airshow)?

4:25 How do you feel about being part of the Thunder Over Michigan Airshow?

4:33 Explain why everyone should see the Blue Angels perform.

Interview Kevin Walsh Airshow Director Thunder Over Michigan

Note: The Wind Speed Increased dramatically without notice, I did the best I could to reduce the wind noise in post processing.

4:40 Introduction

5:03 History of the Thunder Over Michigan Airshow

5:52 When was the first Blue Angels performance at Thunder Over Michigan? Follow-up question: Blue Angels relationship with the Thunder Over Michigan Airshow?


Be prepared for the incredible sound of Six Blue Angels as they start their jet engines in perfect synchronization and taxi for their first practice at the Thunder Over Michigan 2017 Airshow. The audio has been remixed into a thunderous 5.1 Surround Sound.

United States Navy Blue Angels Start-Up and Taxi in 5.1 Surround Sound (4k):

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