American WWII Pilot Sees Video Of His Spitfire Emergency Landing 50+ Years Later | VIDEO

An 83-year old American Spitfire pilot sees video of his own emergency landing for the first time over 50 years after the incident. (Screenshot of Spitfire 944 video)

Hero Pilot flew Spitfire during WWII.  After 50 years, video is discovered of his gear up landing after completing a wartime mission.

The Greatest Generation will always deserve our thanks and admiration. The memories of those who served and sacrificed in World War II need to be preserved. Here’s an example – a short film that was honored at the Sundance Film Festival – of some long-lost 16mm film being discovered like a message in a bottle.

This 15-minute film is part detective story and part history lesson. Take the time to watch. The surprised reaction of this brave, veteran pilot will bring a smile to your face.