Allegiant Gives Employees The Chance To Pick Their New Livery

Allegiant Air is letting employees pick their new paint scheme.

Ultra-dicount airline Allegiant recently acquired 12 ‘new’ Airbus A320 aircraft to supplement their fleet of Airbus A319s, MD-80s and 757s.  Both the 757s and MD-80s will be phased out over the next few years in favor of an all Airbus fleet.

While news of a used aircraft purchase is not typically exciting news, what is exciting is that Allegiant is looking to refresh their livery. Even more exciting is that they are giving employees the option to choose the next paint scheme.

If you are thinking that the styles of the offerings look familiar, we were thinking the same thing. Option A looks looks somewhat similar to a modernized ValuJet colors while Option B also shares many of the same design lines with Alaska’s new scheme. Check out the similarities below:

What’s your thoughts on Allegiant’s proposed new colors. Are they rehashes of other airlines’ liveries?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.