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Alaska Honors Those Who Serve With A Special 737

Watch the Plane Get Painted in just 60 seconds

Photo by Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Honoring Those Who Serve

In Seattle on October 26th the day was filled with star-spangled fanfare and a patriotic salute. Alaska Airlines unveiled a brand new 737-900ER aircraft designed in a new livery dedicated to “Honoring Those Who Serve.” Military customs & courtesies were rendered and the national anthem was sung at the event hosted by the airline again demonstrating its timeless commitment to America’s service-members and veterans.

“All of us at Alaska greatly value the bravery and sacrifices of our servicemen and women and their families. “We are extraordinarily proud to have this symbol of appreciation that our customers will see and fly on every day.” CEO Brad Tilden

5 Star Ruffles & Flourishes

The aircraft tail #N265AK design features include, an “Alaska Airlines Salutes” medallion with five stars representing the five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces: Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. In the rear a fallen soldier crest, with the Battlefield Cross honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The aircraft engine inlets are surrounded by five rings in honor of the five branches of the United States military, and the plane is adorned with American flag winglets.

A quote from President Calivin Coolidge is prominently displayed near the boarding door and at the rear cargo door: “No person was ever honored for what they received. Honor has been the reward for what they gave.”

Flying to a station near you

As Veteran’s Day approaches watch the skies over Anchorage, Fairbanks, San Diego and Washington D.C. The “Honoring Those Who Serve” plane will be landing at cities near military bases on her maiden voyages.

Time lapse video by Alaska Airlines:

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Joe Vaeth

Written by Joe Vaeth

Joe Vaeth is a life-long fan of all things aviation. Currently an airline pilot, his background includes over 10 years of flying C-130s for the U.S. Air Force and glider flying along the front range of the Colorado Rockies. He resides in Southern California with his wife and three children and has recently taken up cider brewing. He also enjoys, bike riding, kite flying & aerial photography.

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