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Alabama Dries Their Field With Helicopters Before Auburn Game

Screenshot of Facebook video posted by Jay Jacks. (Full original video is below)

We’ve heard of NASCAR using jet engines to dry the track after rain, but this is a new one.

Facebook user Jay Jacks posted an incredible video of two helicopters drying the field before today’s game against Auburn. Before the game, Birmingham received about .4 inches of rain. Not a huge amount but enough to make the field wet and potentially sloppy. Something had to be done to dry the field. After all, Alabama is 11-0 and haven’t lost in over a year.

Rain wasn’t going to get in their way of a pursuit of their second National Championship in as many years. Number one ranked Alabama wasted no expense to ensure that they would play on a crisp, dry field. They brought in two helicopters to dry the field. It made for a pretty incredible site. See the full, original video embedded below:

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