Airbus Launches Their Next Generation Fleet For a Formation Photo Shoot

The A330-200, A350, A320NEO, and A380 take to the skies in impressive form.

Airbus is one of the largest producers of commercial aircraft to have ever existed. The French company has several aircraft in operation, billions of dollars in revenue, and many different technological advancements to its name in the aviation world. It is no surprise that the four aircraft in this video represent Airbus’s greatest hope for the next 20 years. The A320neo, A350-900, A380, and the A330-200 are a sight to be seen flying in formation so perfectly.

All four aircraft featured have impressive fuel efficiency and advanced technology. Airbus has bet its future on the A350 and the A320NEO.  The A380 is impressive but has had a bumpy road.  The A330NEO is coming soon.  This video represents potentially one of the last formation flights of the A330 “classic”.

A formation flight of any aircraft is never simple.  Four large airliners in tight formation is an impressive challenge.  This video shows the behind the scenes coordination necessary to launch the impressive show.

Watch and enjoy.