Airborne Formations of People: Air Force Academy Prepares For National Championships

Do you get to jump out of a C-17 at your college?  The Air Force Academy’s ‘Wings of Blue’ Parachuting team released a video highlighting their training leading up to their competition at the National Collegiate Skydiving Championship.  This year’s championship is being held this week at Florida Skydiving Center in Lake Wales, Florida.

The primary mission of the Academy’s jump program is to train cadets how to successfully free-fall jump out of a plane.  The Air Force Academy program is unique because it is the only program in the world where the student’s first jump is solo.  In addition to running the training program, cadets selected to be jumpmasters form the prestigious “Wings of Blue” team.  The Wings of Blue are broken up into two teams–a demonstration and a competition team.  The demonstration team performs at public, sporting, and military events.  The competition team competes in various competitions around the world during the year.