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Boeing 747 Departs Air France Fleet With Stunning Flyby

Screen Capture Air France

Air France gives final salute to the Boeing 747

Last month, Air France flew its final revenue flight with a 747 aircraft. The “Queen of the Skies” was first adorned in the Air France livery way back 1970. For over 45 years, Air France 747 jumbo jets criss crossed the world, flying thousands of passengers everyday. Back then, the 747 was the largest aircraft in the world. It represented a new era of luxury and convenience.

Recently though, the 747 became more expensive to operate and maintain. Air France’s fleet of 747-400s were approaching 25 years old. With more modern Airbus A380s and Boeing 777’s in the fleet, Air France made the decision to simplify their long-haul fleet by retiring their remaining 747s.

In a very classy goodbye, Air France partnered with the 12-ship Patrouille de France demonstration team to fly one last formation flight with the venerable Boeing across France. It is an amazing sight to see a Boeing 747 in any formation but to watch the jet adorned with 12 Alpha jets surrounding it almost makes it appear to be a send off to greener pastures. For Air France’s last 747 though, the final destination will most likely be the desert in the southwestern part of the United States.


Written by Avgeekery

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