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Air France Produces The Most Beautiful 787 Video We’ve Ever Seen

Screen capture of Air France's new 8k footage of their Boeing 787-9.

Air France has done it again with another fantastic air to air video.  A few years back they produced an amazing “Au revoir” video to the Boeing 747 as they retired the fleet. The video showed the Queen of the Skies flying over Paris with the national performance team in tow. This time, Air France is back with a stunning video of the their new Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

Air France’s Dreamliner fleet currently consists of 6 aircraft.  Three leased and three owned aircraft.  The -9 seats 276 people in three classes.  Each 787-9 is outfitted with 30 Business Class seats, 21 premium Economy seats, and 225 Economy seats.

In the video, the 787 flies over the French countryside with some fantastic cloud surfing footage.  It truly is some stellar camera work. Check it out for yourself below:

Behind the scenes footage is even more impressive

Making a movie that stunning isn’t easy.  It was quite a complex endeavor. The air to air footage was filmed in Ultra 8k by Airborne Films.  The team utilized a customized Socata TBM single engine turbo aircraft.  Underneath the right wing they added a Shotover F1 gyro stabilized system with a $20k RED Helium camera attached to it. Prior to filming, the crew conducted a series of required test flights to ensure that the unique camera mount wouldn’t interfere with aircraft operations in any phase of flight.

Planning for a shoot like this is much more involved than you might think.  Although the final product looks effortless, significant planning was required. In the behind the scenes footage, pay particular attention to the amount of aerial choreography that took place.  Every turn and camera position was preplanned.  The photo shoot was even modeled virtually on custom software to ensure that the final product was perfect.  The video is 13 minutes long, but if you are like us, you’ll watch the entire video a few times just to notice all of the unique details of a complex video shoot like this one.  Kudos to the Airborne Films team!

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