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This is How An Air Force Academy Cadet Delivers A Game Ball To A Veteran

Cadet Drops Into Steelers Game To Deliver Ball to Vet

These cadets are the star of the show and they are barely old enough to buy a beer.

The Wings of Blue is the Air Force Academy’s premiere demonstration team.  They aren’t afraid of anything and they prove it in this video.  The cadets have made a name for themselves by jumping out of C-17s, C-130s, and routinely performing before every Air Force Academy home football game.  On average, once or twice a year they get to jump into an NFL stadium before a game.

Precision jumping requires immense preparation and study.  Everything from the winds aloft to the route being flown must be practiced and ‘chair flown’.  Without an engine, jumpers are reliant on their skills to avoid a host of dangerous objects as they descend towards a stadium packed with 70,000+ screaming fans.

On Sunday, November 13th, the cadet delivered the ceremonial game ball to a waiting veteran as part of the #SalutetoService activities put on by the NFL.  The Cowboys beat the Steelers in a thrilling 35-30 victory. This video below is rare first person footage of Sunday’s pregame jump.

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Written by Avgeekery

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