What Are Pilots Looking at in their HUD? Watch this…

This won’t be on the test … but you can tutor yourself on what it’s like sit in the pilot’s seat and use the heads up display in the modern 737-800.

We’ve written about HUD or heads up display technology and how that helps pilots – particularly in military aircraft – with information that is digitally displayed/projected on the windshield of the cockpit.

Providing the key information to a pilot so that he doesn’t have to move his eyes down to the static cockpit display information obviously can be a crucial edge in combat.

The HUD is also used on commercial aircraft. Those pilots in the know will see this – B738 ILS HUD[AIII] – and translate it. For those who don’t but geek out on this sort of thing, this video is the basic guide/tutorial for the heads up display on a Boeing 737-800 for an ILS (instrument landing system) approach.

Watch and learn.