A British Airways A380 Makes The Right Decision To Go Around

The pilot of this British Airways recognizes that he/she is landing long.  That is the right thing to do

This British Airways A380 was cleared for landing at Vancouver International Airport and just before the tires hit the tarmac, the pilot aborted the landing and powered up for a go around.

The second attempt was successful, even though it was of the “smoke-the-tires” variety.

It appears that perhaps on its first approach, the aircraft might have flared somewhat long. Rarely do you see a plane get as close to touch down before going around. However, this is the right thing to do.  Most pilots brief an acceptable landing zone.  It varies a little by aircraft and operator but the point is that if the pilot doesn’t touch down in the first 2,000-3,000 feet of the runway, he or she will execute a go-around.  Landing long is dangerous.  It means that there might not be enough stopping distance left on the runway to safely stop.  Going off the end of the runway, even at slow speeds can be catastrophic.

As the saying goes: There are old pilots, there are bold pilots … but there are no old, bold pilots.  Go arounds are free.  Be safe out there.