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Here Are 7 Essential Instagram Accounts That Every Avgeek Should Follow

Is your Instagram account filled with posts of food, beach scenes, and selfies? If you call yourself a true #avgeek, you need to change that.  Instagram is one of the best places to see unique photos and videos of your favorite jets and airports.  There are tons of great accounts out there (including our own at @avgeekery).  Here are some of the best accounts that we’ve really grown to love.

7.) @stabilizer_motion

We love accounts that show aviation for what it is.  It is a fascinating career but the day to day life isn’t always a walk in the park.  American Airlines MD-80 turned 737 pilot documents the quirkiness of flying the line.  His MD-80 photos irreverently documented the life of a MadDog pilot.  He had no qualms joking about the steam gauges and ancient technology. Even his Instagram handle is a nod to the annoying “Stabilizer Motion” call by bitchin’ betty. Now on the 737-800, we’ll have to see how he handles the more ‘luxurious’ flying life.


6.) @mega_aviation_nut23

How does this guy not have 100k followers already?  Centered around SFO, Anthony’s account is filled with beautiful shots of unique aircraft that fly into the major West Coast hub.  If there is a unique jet flying into the Bay area, he is bound to post a photo.  We love his passion for spotting and his detailed knowledge of almost any aircraft.

5.) @Instaaviation

With over 62,000 followers, Instaaviation posts and reposts some really unique photos and videos. We appreciate the fact that its not just US centric but makes a point of posting interesting aviation photos from all over Europe too.  Plus, the #instaaviation hashtag is a staple in the Instagram avgeek world.

4.) @sentinelchicken

If there was any account that could be ported into a college aeronautical sciences textbook, this would be it.  Sentinel Chicken mixes beautiful original photography and #avgeekschoolofknowledge comments.  His descriptions read more like an aeronautics or history lesson, but that is why we love it!  This might be the one account on Instagram that you’ll get smarter just by following.

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Although the MiG-17 was long out of frontline service with the Soviet Union by the time of the Vietnam War, the agile little fighter proved to be a fearsome adversary to American pilots in the skies over Vietnam. With quick acceleration, a tight turning radius and a hard-hitting set of guns (two 23mm cannon and a 37mm cannon), many American fighter pilots who flew much more advanced jets thought the MiG-17 was a more fearsome opponent in a dogfight than the more capable and supersonic MiG-21. In fact, this obsolete fighter spurred on the development post-Vietnam of two American fighters of unparalleled dogfighting ability in their day- the F-15 Eagle and the F-16 Fighting Falcon. In fact, one of the design criteria for the F-16 was the ability to match or exceed the agility of the MiG-17 in a dogfight. At slow to moderate speeds (300-350 knots), the MiG-17 was a ferocious adversary that could easily pull a 7G turn on a dime to get its 37mm and twin 23mm cannons pointed at you. But as speeds increased, the increased airflow over the elevators increased control loads to the point that over 450 knots, it was impossible to overcome the control loads and the agile MiG became a missile bait lead sled. Hydraulically boosted controls would have solved this issue but the MiG-17 lacked them. The control stick was taller than most aircraft and this was to give the MiG driver more leverage at higher speeds. In the secret US flight tests of the MiG-17, pilots dogfighting the 17 were told to keep the speed up over 400 knots because if you slow down below 350 knots, the 17 *will* kill you. Flight trials showed it was possible for the old MiG-17 to prevail against the F-16 in a low speed dogfight. @kjdphoto1971’s May Aviation Photo Challenge | #0516planes | Day 25 | Top Side Pass | #avgeek #aviation #aircraft #planeporn #KAFW #AFW #FortWorth #AllianceAirShow #AllianceTurns25 #airport #Texas #FWAAS2015 #FWAAS15 #avgeekery #avgeekschoolofknowledge #Mikoyan #MiG17 #Fresco #RandyBall

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3.) @troybflying

We’re pretty sure that this guy has it all.  He’s a 787 Dreamliner pilot who also flies a jet on the side for fun.  He travels the world and documents his journey.  He also loves to take pictures, including scenes of beautiful girls and planes.  I’m not sure there is anything better in life.

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The definition of travel weary? #pilotlife 😬. After being away from home in Singapore 🇸🇬 and Tokyo 🇯🇵 the past 7 days, I started my day in #Tokyo with a 530pm departure on Wednesday the 27th. I then flew the #787 across the Pacific Ocean to #losangeles ☀️🇺🇸at 1015 Wednesday MORNING THE SAME DAY ON THE 27TH!!! ( #timetraveler ). Tried to catch a flight as a passenger to Fort Lauderdale…..cnx 👎🏾. Hopped a flight to Dallas instead from which I will now catch a flight home to #WestPalmBeach Florida. (Did I mention that my car is at the Fort Lauderdale Airport? 😩). So, I ask you #future_aviators #airlinepilot wanna be's ……are you sure you want to do this??? #comeflywithme #travel #instacrew #crewlife #путешествие #путешествия #jetlag #breitling ⌚️ #breitlingwatch PILOT GLASSES 😎BY #randolph via @acerivington men's catalogue. 😎👕👖 #acerivington

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2.) @hnlramper

Honolulu is one of the busiest airports in the Pacific.  It is also in a relatively isolated part of the world.  In fact, the route from HNL to the US West Coast is one of the longest routes in the world without a viable alternate.  HNLramper takes advantage of his unique location by photographing not just the daily assortment of jumbos but also the rare birds that stop on their long journey to Asia.

1.) @jpcvanheijst

Christian’s account might be one of the most underrated accounts on Instagram.  As a Boeing 747 pilot, he travels around the world and takes some of the most stunning photographs on Instagram.  If you are an Avgeek, you need to follow his account.

Do you have other Instagram accounts that we should be following?  Let us know!

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