Labor Day: What it takes to move 170,000 passengers a day at DFW


Moving 170,000 people a day isn’t magic.  It’s hard work!

Labor Day is one of the busier travel days of the year.  At DFW airport alone, over 170,000 people travel through the airport.  It takes teamwork and coordination to make it happen.  AP put together a beautiful time-lapse of a day at DFW airport with beautiful images and fascinating facts.  It’s enough to make any avgeek’s heart swoon.  In the video, there are plenty of MadDogs (MD-80s) along with a KLM A330, a Qantas A380 and a whole host of other aircraft.

This labor day, salutes the many men and women in aviation who sacrifice their holiday, so that so many others in our nation can enjoy time with family and friends.


Written by Avgeekery

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