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787 Dreamliner Wows The Web With Airshow Prep Video

Boeing. See the video below.

Boeing broke the internet again with this amazing video!

Last year, Boeing released a video of the the Dreamliner that even dedicated avgeeks thought was computer generated.  The flying was so aggressive and the footage was so stunning that people swore that it was fake.  This year Boeing is back with another video.  This time instead of a 787-8 it’s now the newer 787-9 model which is 20 feet longer and can fly 450 nautical miles further than it’s shorter -8 relative.

This year’s performance video is equally impressive.  Once again, the video is shot utilizing drone footage and other aerial cameras.  It is stunning and equally as aggressive as last year.  The initial takeoff is stunning and the flight itself is masterfully executed.  The video shot is actually just the rehearsal.  The actual performance will take place at the Paris Air Show later this month.

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