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Delta Just Won the Internet With This Hilarious Safety Video

This video will make you chuckle.

Airlines have really been trying to out do themselves lately with pre-flight safety videos.  Last year we profiled five of the most epic safety videos.  It was one of our favorite blog posts of the year.  Delta must have seen our list.  This latest video from them takes the cake.  Incorporating snippets of some of the most viral videos of the internet, Delta manages to sneak a safety message into six minutes of hilarity.

Double rainbow guy? Yep…He’s there.  Cat in a shark costume on a Roomba Vacuum?   Yep, the dog makes the cut too.  Screaming goats make an appearance.  Even the Much funny doge gets in on the act.  All in all, it’s a really funny video that both #avgeeks and internet freaks might both pay attention to before their next flight. Even the Much Funny Doge makes an appearance.


Written by Avgeekery

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