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Qantas A-380 says ‘Howdy’ to DFW Airport


It’s a big week at DFW Airport! The era of the jumbo has returned to North Texas.  Qantas launched Airbus A-380 service today to DFW airport.  It marks a new era in aviation as the world’s largest passenger airplane now flies the world’s longest non-stop flight between DFW Airport and Sydney.  QF7 and QF8 are now flown 6 times per week.  The 8,577 mile trip takes about 15 hours.  Emirates will also launch A-380 service to Dubai later this week.

Avgeekery contributor (and owner of the awesome Facebook page The Chicken Works) JP Santiago provided us a photo and some insight into the DFW #avgeek gathering.  His pics are below.

There was a large crowd at DFW that was spread all along Construction Rd. I stated out further down but moved up to this location at the perimeter fence by the southwest hold pad. I was surprised to see how many people turned out for the QANTAS A380 inaugural.  QANTAS has named its Airbus A380s after Australian aviation pioneers and VH-OQL used today for the SYD-DFW A380 inaugural is named for Phyllis Arnott, the first Australian woman to earn a commercial pilot license in 1931. Her two brothers were pilots and she was keen to not be left out. She later left aviation and became an opera singer.

Today’s QANTAS A380 inaugural DFW flight just over the numbers for 36L with the CAE Simuflite complex in the background. My understanding is that the current A380 fleet worldwide has a MTOW of 569 tons and the new high gross weight version now on offer was to be 573t but is now to be a 575t aircraft.

Qantas new A-380 service was inaugurated today with a special ‘decked’ out cowboy kangaroo tail. (Photo from DFW Airport’s Page)


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