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Stunning footage of a C-17 launching flares at night

The C-17 is a beast of an airplane.  It can safely fly tons of outsized cargo into some of the world’s roughest airspace in the world.  It does so through the use of advanced tactics and countermeasures.  Pilots train to be able to operate in areas where RPGs, MANPADs and small arms are present.  The C-17 has a wide range of technology to help keep it safe as well.  One piece of that technology was on display recently in Alaska.  During an exercise at night, C-17s dropped flares to counter ground launched threats.  The flares are meant to decoy any ground launched weapons.  It made for an amazing and beautiful sight.  The video appears to be taken from a C-17 in a multi-ship formation.  The “30 seconds” announcement is associated with an airdrop-type mission.  Enjoy!

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