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50 Years Ago Today, this beast took to the skies

The Discovery Channel used to have some awesome programming.  It’s not that the programming is ‘bad’ today.  It’s just that it used to always be educational and entertaining instead of just entertaining as it is mostly today.  One of our favorite programs on Discovery was the series titled “Wings”.  They profiled unique aircraft in true #avgeek detail.  One of their most amazing episodes was the XB-70–a plane that first flew 50 years ago today.  This massive plane was fast, sleek, huge.  It resembled a transformer, looking more like a massive creature than just a plane.   Unfortunately, the XB-70 was ironically both ahead of its time in terms of technology and behind the time in its usefulness.  An unfortunate collision with a chase ship ended the program before it ever went beyond the testing phase.  If you have an extra 45 minutes, this video is worth your time.


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