American debuts its heritage jets

Photo by Jason Knapfel.  Special thanks to PHX Spotters for allowing to post.

When US Airways merged with America West in 2005, CEO Doug Parker decided that it was appropriate to honor the legacy of the airlines that made up the newly merged airline.  Four new heritage jets emerged.  Allegheny, Piedmont, PSA and two America West airplanes were painted to celebrate the heritage.  In 2013, American and US Airways merged.  As part of the merger, Doug Parker took over as CEO of American Airlines.  He promised that the heritage liveries would not only remain but expand.  As part of the merger, Parker promised that all four liveries would remain AND the new American will also keep a current version of the US Airways paint scheme on an A-320 along with the ‘silver bird’ American Airlines scheme in the 737-800.  Most exciting to #avgeeks worldwide, American will be adding heritage jets of Reno Air, TWA and AirCal on a 737-800 bird.  The repaints on the 737-800s is expected to be completed by next year.

Just this week, the ‘new’ American unveiled what the heritage jets will look like.  They repainted the second America West heritage scheme with the American logo and letters above the front windows of a former US Airways Airbus A-319.  Reaction has been mixed with one comment stating that ‘it looks terrible’ while others being excited that ‘America West lives on!”.  Some comments referred to the heritage jets starting to look worn.  Don’t fear! All of the other heritage jets are expected to be repainted as part of the merger.

Photo by Jason Knapfel. Special thanks to Pheonix Spotters for permission to post. Closeup of the #newAmerican.  Thanks to Phx Spotters for the photo.

Special thanks to Pheonix Spotters for the picture.  They are true #avgeeks who post great photos and information about spotting at Pheonix Sky Harbor.