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Heavy Metal Ballet – America’s Mobility Warriors in Action

The 60th Operations Group, based at Travis Air Force Base in California, is part of the largest Wing in Air Mobility Command.  Travis is the only base with three heavy aircraft major weapons systems on property.  It is home to a squadron of C-17s and C-5s.  There are two KC-10 refueling squadrons.  An equal number of reserve flying squadrons support the active duty mission. Travis Air Force Base alone has more airlift and air refueling capability than almost any other nation on the planet.

“C-5s, KC-10s, C-17s team up for a visually stunning video” – Tweet This!

This two minute video highlights the mission of the 60th Operations Group who support contingency and humanitarian missions around the world.  It is beautifully done and a great testament to the hard work done everyday around the world by thousands of men and women.

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