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Air Traffic Controller Proposes to Girlfriend in the Air


We’ve heard air traffic controllers say all kinds of things on the radio.  From time to time, there are moments of levity on the radio.  Controllers will sometimes make a joke or a pilot will tease a controller.  But it’s very rare if not unheard of to hear a marriage proposal on the radio.  One Canadian controller changed all that…

He proposed to his girlfriend who was flying on an Air Canada flight, seated in 25C to be exact.  He did so by speaking to the pilots on the plane to first explain his odd request.  After convincing the captain, he was put on the aircraft speakers and beamed his proposal to his fiancé.  Fortunately, she said “Yes!” and the plane erupted in cheers.  No word on the details of the wedding but we wouldn’t be surprised if somehow planes and aviation were incorporated into the big day!

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