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This Plane Lost An Engine With Cameras in the Cockpit

It doesn’t matter what airplane you fly or how many engines you have, losing an engine as a pilot or a passenger is always a harrowing ordeal.  Fortunately, losing an engine in flight is a fairly rare occurrence.  The Airbus A-340 is powered by four Trent 500 engines providing 56,000 lbs of thrust each.  When one fails, there are three other ones to take up the slack.  

However, certain systems are degraded.  In the video, you’ll see that certain galley electrical loads are shed.  With the loss of a generator, the aircraft prioritizes the available power in order to ensure that critical systems are powered.  In this case, coffee makers are less important than flight instruments and other systems.

The video is a great example of Crew Resource Management or CRM.  CRM is how crew members interact with each other and use available resources to fly safely.  In this case, you’ll see the first officer being proactive, offering advice while still deferring to the captain to make the final decision.

Spoiler:  In the end, the plane lands safely.  What is amazing though is knowing that for the pilots, it’s just another day in the office.



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