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Lockheed Martin Confirms Order For Civilian Version of C-130J

Lockheed Martin announced today at the Farborough Air Show that they have signed a letter of Intent with ASL Aviation Group for up to 10 LM-100J commercial freighters.  The LM-100J is the commercial equivalent to the C-130J Super Hercules aircraft flown by the US Air Force and allied nations.

In today’s press release by Lockheed Martin, Hugh Flynn, the chief executive of ASL Aviation Group said:

We’ve long relied on our L-100s to deliver results that no other aircraft can produce. From flying humanitarian relief supplies over rugged African terrain to transporting key cargo within Europe and around the world, no other plane can do what a Hercules can do.”

The upgraded Hercules aircraft will enhance ASL Aviation’s ability to provide cargo and humanitarian transport to austere locations throughout the world but primarily in Europe and Africa.  No date has been set for delivery.  Certification of the LM-100J by the FAA for civilian use is still pending.  This is the first sale of the civilian version of the C-130J since Lockheed Martin announced its intention to certify the aircraft for civilian use earlier this year.


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