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Boeing is banned from Touch And Goes at Airshow After Risky Maneuvering


Boeing’s 787-9 airshow profile might have been a little too aggressive.

Earlier this week, Boeing put on quite an impressive show with their new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft at the the Farnborough Air Show.  The plane did a number of bold maneuvers not normally seen by a plane that size outside of airshow performances.  The videos of both the practice flight and the actual performance have been trending quite strongly online to rave reviews.

Today, the Seattle Times aviation blog writer Dominic Gates is reporting that air show officials banned touch and goes by large performance aircraft after Boeing’s performance earlier in the week.  An Airbus official commented that the wings of the new stretched 787 came within 15 feet of the ground as the plane maneuvered just after rotating.  Boeing has denied the claim.

Check out the videos below and voice your opinion.  Was the maneuvering too aggressive?



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