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Listen to a C-17 Refuel in Midair Before Flying Across the Atlantic

Refueling any aircraft in mid-air is not easy.  It is especially difficult to air refuel a giant C-17.  The aircraft is so big that it actually creates a bow wave that pushes the tanker around as it approaches the refueling envelope.  It’s the equivalent of drafting behind a car at exactly 6-8 feet.  Too close and you hit the car in front of you…too far and you’ll fall too far behind.

The following audio is a great play by play of the action.  The aircraft first establish contact, they then exchange information about their aircraft and the required fuel.  From that point, they locate each other and begin the process of linking up.  It’s only a short 3 minute audio but its a great listen into the communication necessary to make this aerial ballet happen.

Listen to the Audio below:

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