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This is what a KC-10 Refueling Mission in Afghanistan Looks Like

Although the War in Afghanistan might have fallen off of most American’s radar long ago, there are still thousands of American and allied troops fighting everyday in Afghanistan.  With troops on the ground, they also need protection from above provided by fighters, reconnaissance and other close air support assets.  Every single aircraft needs fuel to stay aloft.  Fighters have very little fuel available and need to refuel often to extend their time near the fight.

While the KC-10 might be getting old and is rumored for retirement soon, it still provides a vital role supporting operations worldwide, including in Afghanistan.  This excellent combat camera video of the 908th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron, 380th Air Expeditionary Wing gives the world a window into what it takes to make the refueling mission done.  A big #avgeekery salute to the brave pilots, engineers and loadmasters that serve on missions like this everyday.


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