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Top 5 EPIC-ly Awesome Airline Safety Briefings

“This overhead bin is full.”

It’s no secret that flying in a commercial airliner can be a pain in the behind these days.  Packed planes, no legroom, and cranky passengers can make flying a real drag.  That’s why we at Avgeekery are excited to rank the Top 5 most Epic-ly Awesome Safety Videos of all time.  We salute those hard working flight attendants (and airlines) who do their part to make flying just a little more fun.

#5 WestJet Flight Attendant Doubles as Comedian

This WestJet flight attendant keeps things light on what must be another dreary winter day in Canada.  His humorous and slightly snarky brief brightens things up.

#4 Betty White’s Retirement Home Does Safety Video

Betty White has to be everyone’s favorite nonagenarian.  Even at 92 years old, she is still spunky.  The final living golden girl shines while injecting some humor into aging and the dreaded safety video for Air NewZealand.

#3 Virgin America Turns their Safety Video into A Broadway Production

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Virgin America really takes safety videos to the next level with this sing along.  After this peppy 5 minute demo, it might be hard to keep passengers seat belts fastened.  We’ve heard rumors that some get tempted to continue the dance in the aisles.

#2 Southwest Flight Attendant Raps and Claps His Brief

This video is an oldie but goodie.  Southwest Flight attendant David Holmes raps his way though what must be a painfully boring flight to Oklahoma.  His beat is strong and his words are few.  He’s funny, fast and done.  That’s about all you could ask for on a flight to Oklahoma.

#1 Another Southwest Flight Attendant’s Mid-Life Crisis is Your Safety Briefing

This relative newcomer to the Safety Briefing video scene is really funny.  It’s as if she’s been practicing her material for years (she probably has).   While her fellow flight attendants might get bored with her jokes, the internet hasn’t yet.  And for being able to attract almost a million views in just two days as a flight attendant comedian, we salute you.

Do you have a favorite flight attendant briefing video?  Share it with us.  Post in the comments below!


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