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Step Back Into The ’80s With a Flight On a US Air 727 From CLT to SFO

It’s hard to believe that we are entering an era where memories of flying on a 727 are becoming as dim as a 707 or DC-8.  Few people under the age of 20 probably has no memory of flying of the old 3-holer. The 727 is becoming a rare bird.  FedEx retired their freighters back in 2013.  Even presidential candidate Donald Trump traded his golden 727 up for a more fuel-efficient 757 a couple of years back.  That means that the only active 727s left in the US are operated by a couple of charter outfits, a few freighters, and a smattering of private aircraft.  A recent search of active 727 flights shows less than 10 in the air over North American skies.

With so few opportunities to fly on one today, You Tube can help us avgeeks to relive those memories of extremely long takeoff rolls, roaring engines, and even some 1970s decor.  Enjoy this video of a US Air 727-200 flight from Charlotte to San Francisco.   While you are watching, you’ll notice an American Airlines 727 along with a Mexicana DC-10 and the old Continental meatball scheme with a 737-300 and DC-10.

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