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The 767 and 777 Have Much More In Common Than You’d Think!


The 767 and 777 are vastly different aircraft that are over 20 years apart in terms of development.  The 767 first flew in 1981 while the 777 first flew in 1994. The two programs though actually share much in common.  The 777 first grew out of a desire to grow the 767 and add additional range to it.  While the program eventually morphed into a completely separate airplane, there are still some similarities between the two airplanes.

For one, the 767 and 777 share the same radome cover.  They also share the same Section 41- the fuselage subassembly that encompasses the cockpit cab from the nose to just behind the windscreen. If you covered up the UPS markings and pitot tubes, you wouldn’t be able to tell if this was a 767 or 777 nose. Of course between the two the avionics package is vastly different and the location of the pitot tubes is also different. In the 777 development, using the 767 Section 41 saved development costs and a new round of bird strike testing wasn’t needed since it was already tested and cleared during the 767 development.

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